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Dance Styles

Ballet is an essential part of being an elite performer. Ballet also helps to develop dance technique, build strength and helps correct posture.  Stagecraft offers the Cecchetti Method of ballet. Cecchetti is a ballet technique and rigorous training method devised by the Italian ballet master and pedagogue Enrico Cecchetti. This method seeks to develop essential skills of dance such as balance, poise, strength, elevation, elasticity and balance in students through a meticulously designed training regimen. The Cecchetti curriculum based method is practical and theory (in the later grades). Cecchetti is the only form of ballet recognised world wide & is used by the worlds elite royal ballet studio's. 

Ballet is the foundation of dance. Stagecraft students study the Cecchetti method. Cecchetti is the only form of ballet recognised internationally. Cecchetti is the only method of ballet that requires teachers to undergo regular examinations in order to continue 'teaching' and 'present their students for external grading examinations'. Cecchetti teachers hold the highest qualification level.

The Cecchetti method is a ballet technique and rigorous training devised by the Italian Master and Pedagogue Enrico Cecchetti. Cecchetti has been around for 120+ years. Cecchetti method of teaching classical ballet includes a very full vocabulary of movement, including exercises composed by Enrico Cecchetti himself, for the development of strength, balance, poise and elevation. Students gain knowledge of the French language throughout their tuition specifically concerned with Hilton's Law of anatomy of the body, especially with the confines of classical ballet technique.

Teaching Cecchetti Ballet requires on going examinations and theory to remain qualified, thus being the reason for the Internationally Recognised form of ballet putting it above all other forms of ballet. Refer to the Cecchetti Teaching Qualifications for further information and a full history of this amazingly tough, however Best Method.

Exams are not compulsory, however students doing exams are encouraged to do two ballet classes per week. All students 13 years and under are required to do at least one ballet class per week. Students who do the cecchetti ballet class are chosen for competition and external jobs offered to our studio. For Pre School Cast, Baby Cast and our Recreational Cast, ballet is inclusive in their general class.  However all students are encouraged to challenge themselves and further their development with our ballet classes offered.


Stretch & Conditioning, (Core, Flexibility, Elasticity and much more)

All our stretch classes are at an elite level. Stagecraft teaches students the correct way of stretching, challenging students to their own individual level. Students taught correctly avoid injury. Dance requires an elite athletic build. Dance is a sport and students can be more athletic than professional running/football athletics. This class develops fitness levels of the highest level therefore making students performances and individual steps reach an elite peak. Students feel sensational after this class.

The dance world is rapidly progressing in athleticism, technique and artistry. As dance coaches we owe it to our dancers and ourselves to research new and innovative ways to train and condition our dancers. This class is designed to help students develop a comprehensive and concise program to ensure the conditioning, core strengthening, stretch and elite strength ensures our students to reach a level of performance that will ensure success.  This class is a must for all competition students. We encourage all students to register for this class as it also assists in daily activities and body conditioning and strengthening for all purposes.

It is absolutely imperative that dancers are strong, physically fit, and able to endure the rigors of dance performance.

A conditioning regime allows dancers the opportunity to strengthen their bodies to compliment their technical and stylistic dance training and prevent injuries.

Jazz classes are offered for all ages.  Jazz incorporates a variety of dance styles and is very visual & powerful form of dance.  Jazz encourages flexibility and instils a sense of strength and accuracy in participants.   Jazz is one of the most popular dance styles, mainly due to its popularity on television shows, movies, music videos and commercials. People enjoy watching jazz dancers, as the dancing is fun and energetic.



Tap Dance is a form of dance characterised by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. As such, it is also commonly considered to be a form of music. Two major variations on tap dance exist: Rhythm (Jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses more on the dance. It is widely performed as a part of musical theatre. Rhythm tap focuses more on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the Jazz tradition.

Street Tap (Inclusive within the tap class)

Street Tap is a combination of tap, hip hop and show stopping music to create a tap sensation. A spectacular visual and sound performance. This modern style of street tap is high energy and provides students with technique and rhythm. Students, once taught correctly, thoroughly enjoy tapping and the creation it makes.


Hip Hop
The latest and most contemporary of our dance styles offered, our hip hop classes are designed for those students who want to learn the latest moves as seen on music videos.  This dance style would be defined as being unrestricted & sharp, yet loose.  Hip Hop is fun and energetic and students get a thrill out of these classes.


Singing & Drama is offered to all students. Singing & Drama assists with the ‘triple threat’ program. Stagecraft is offering singing in musical theatre classes as well as private lessons with our specialised singing teacher.  Private singing lessons are in ½ hour sessions. Our elite singing teacher is also a professional performer in drama. For those wanting singing & drama lessons, can either choose private tuition or groups.


Acro is an optional and very popular class. Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context. It is a popular dance style in amateur competitive as well as in professional dance theatre and in contemporary circus productions. Acro dance is known by various other names including acrobatic dance and gymnastic dance, though it is most commonly referred to simply as acro by dancers and dance professionals.

Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre is the most energetic, fun, disciplined class providing children with a variety of acting, dancing and singing.  Musical Theatre will cover performances selected from popular Broadway/West End shows. We will teach you the audition process and show you how to become a natural ‘triple threat’ performer with confidence. This is a very popular class and is thriving all around the world. A class not to be missed. 


Musical theatre is a form of theatre that combines songs, spoken dialogue acting, and dance. The story and emotional content of the piece – humor, love & anger – are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.



Lyrical/Contemporary dance is a combination of ballet, jazz and other forms of modern dance.  Lyrical/Contemporary creates natural, spontaneous movement and personal interpretation. It focuses on self-expression, awareness of space and body movement and explores the art of story telling through movement. Ballet must be taken to take place in this class.

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