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Karen Lowe
Founder of Stagecraft


Miss Karen has over 50 years of experience as a performer and over 35 years of teaching .  She began dancing when she was 2 years old trained by pioneers of the dance industry Miss Thelma Williams and Janine Toward. Karen commenced teaching at 15 years. Miss Karen has extensive training in all genre's, studying the Cecchetti Ballet Syllabus. Performing in elite eisteddfods The Commonwealth Society of Teachers and Royal South Street, Ballarat and annually at The Princess Theatre, Palais Theatre and Her Majesty's Theatre.  Miss Karen was sought by various dance schools in Melbourne and became an elite teacher for three schools.  It was always Miss Karens dream to open her own studio.  

Miss Karen is accredited with dance certificates, working with children and first aid certificates.  Karen is a member of Ausdance and The Victorian Police Force in the Crime Scene Department.  Karen is very passionate about providing children with dance education and opportunities and strong fundamentals of dance. Karen follows the guidance of Child Safety Awareness through Ausdance. Karen is now turning her 'dreams' into 'goals'.  Karen is working under Transit Dance with Karen Malek studying her Full Teaching Degree in addition to her current qualifications, including her Cecchetti back ground, she is qualified to teach Acro through The Australian Acro Dance Association with Stacey Mitchell. Has has also received Accreditation for her studies in The Dancers Body Anatomy and Ballet Yoga.  Karen is also highly medically trained when her Fiancé was on Life Support for two years and then was the fortunate recipient of a Heart Transplant. Karen is also Trained and has Two Licensed Studio's for the Nickelodeon Junior Ready Set Dance Television Program and Production. Karen is the Founder and Manager of KML Productions Touring Stage Shows. Founded in 2018, ready for their first Tour of Tap Craze Tour - with a Twist. Karen is honoured to have come so far and learnt so much along the way. Karen states her love and passion for teaching in an Honour on its own, however knows 'you never stop learning' in this industry.


Miss Karen is well known and respected for her rapport with students and their families and for her love & passion for dance, ensuring happiness and discipline coincide with each other to create a professional and exciting environment.  Miss Karens current senior students and teaching staff are those she taught when they were in babies. These students kept in touch with Miss Karen for years and begged her to open her own studio so they could perform and teach for her and be a part of her dream. Miss Karen has adjudicated at various competitions in Victoria and has thoroughly enjoyed passing on her knowledge and experience to other dancers. Karen thrives on seeing her students smile and enjoying dance. Miss Karen will always bring the best out of each & every student - she believes every child has something to give within their talents.


Miss Karen has had numerous performances on television dance shows, Young Talent Time, variety shows and performances for charity.  Miss Karen has performed in various pantomimes and danced with the elite AFL and sporting legends.  Karen also prepared routines the Carlton Football Club to restart The Bluebirds.

Miss Karen competed in various Eistedfods excelling in tap championships gaining top prizes. Miss Karen was chosen to perform tap championships with the Victorian State winners. 


Miss Karen played the role of ICPOTA for The Age newspaper performing in a variety of parades.  Gaining exceptional experience leading the American Gridirons through the city and met and danced for Pope John Paul II when he came to visit Melbourne in 1986.  Performing in many Grand Finals for the AFL, Karen was selected by the choreographer to feature in a range of performances throughout Melbourne. Karen has danced with the likes of Anthony Callea and her most memorable teaching moment was the choreography for the USA's Samantha Hart in the Shirley Temple Story movie. Samantha is the younger sister of 'Sabrina the witch' and their parents are directors and entrepreneurs which Karen had full time work with.  This was an incredible experience working on a Movie Set. Karen learnt so much about the Art of Acting and Movie/TV. Life behind the scenes of Movies was exhilarating and something Karen will aim to be a part of. 


Karen is currently in discussion with the HLTTV (Heart Lung Transplant Trust Victoria) for an annual fundraising event for all dance schools to perform and raise money for The Alfred Hospital Transplant Clinic.


Anne Chan
Cecchetti Ballet
 A(Dip) C.B.A - C.I.C.B
Cert I.V - CUA40313


Anne has been involved and trained in Cecchetti ballet method for over 35 years. She is sought after by many dance schools for her passion in teaching classical ballet technique. An active member of Cecchetti Ballet Australia with over 25 years of teaching experience, her students have participated in Cecchetti ballet exams with a 100% pass rate and exceptional results. Many of her students achieve very high marks and it is certainly a testament to her knowledge, commitment and dedication.


Anne can proudly trace the roots of her training directly back to Maestro Cecchetti; commencing her training with Miss Shirley Jones, an original student of Madame Saronova, herself a pupil of Cecchetti and favoured with his personal teaching certificate. As a Cecchetti student, Anne sort classes with other original students of Madame Saronova; Mr Athol Willoughby OAM and Miss Lorraine Blackbourn OAM. Examined and awarded her teaching Associate by Mr Willoughby for her Advanced 1 certificate and Associate Diploma teaching status by Mr William Carse (also an original student of Madame Saronova).


Under the guidance of Miss Rita Eicens, (graduate of the Australian Ballet School, also trained by Miss Shirley Jones) Anne completed all her Cecchetti examinations, gaining her Advanced 2 and Associate Diploma teaching status. Holder of Cert IV in Training & Assessment and Level 2 in First Aid. “I am grateful to have been trained by Miss Jones & Miss Eicens, two brilliant ballet technicians and dedicated teachers of Cecchetti ballet. Teaching my students with the same honestly and commitment is the best way I could thank my teachers for the wealth of knowledge they have instilled in me.”

Miss Tamara McKeown, Stagecraft's Musical Theatre and Singing/Voice Coach. Tamara is our Leading Ready Set Dance Licenced Pre Schoolers Coach

Miss Tamara has been a Significant and Loyal Coach Stagecraft and is our Leading Teacher for Our Ready Set Dance Program.   Tamara is currently studying a Degree in Musical Theatre/Singing within less than one year will be Qualified Musical Theatre & Singing Coach with a Degree in Teaching and Management at BAPPA, in Ballarat. Tamara's vibrance and Smiling Personality along with her love for all Students, her respect for her superiors is a Quality on its own.  Her smile and enthusiasm lights up every room she walks in to.  Miss  Tamara's leadership skills are beyond her Adult Youth Years.  

Miss Tamara is Stagecraft's Exquisite Coach for Singing and has developed many voices in to a Singing Career along with a career in Musical Theatre. She brings out confidence and instills the BEST in each Student participating in her classes. These classes are not only set out for the Stagecraft Dream of Show Biz, they are extremely well planned for Confidence and students with Anxiety issues.

Miss Tamara comes to Stagecraft Highly Recommended.

Jo-Hannah Hunt
Cecchetti Ballet
Russian Vaganova Ballet Circus Art & Acro

Miss Jo-Hannah Hunt is an incredible talent and we are honoured to have her as a part of our Stagecraft family. Jo-Hannah will put our students through their Cecchetti ballet exams. Cecchetti Ballet is the ONLY form of ballet recognised internationally.  Jo-Hannah studied at the Victorian College of the Arts.  Jo-Hannah received the highest score passing with honours in all her Cecchetti exams.  She was an aggregate winner at major eisteddfods including Royal South Street. 


Jo-Hannah's education has come from the internationally acclaimed ballerina Leeanne Rutherford where she was trained in Vaganova Russian - American Style.  Vaganova method is a ballet technique and training system devised by the Russian dancer and pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova. The training system is designed to involved the whole body in every movement, with equal attention paid to the upper body, legs and feet. Vaganova increases consciousness of the body, thus creating a harmony of movement and great expressive range.


Jo-Hannah has an extensive back ground in ballet and all genres.  Jo has performed in a number of Principal and corps de ballet roles such as the Nutcracker, Sugarplum Fairy, Stars & Stripes, Carnivale in Venice and much more. Performances for The Princess of Monarco, accepted in to The Australian Ballet Associates Program attaining Level 5 highest level.


Jo-Hannah was also an elite gymnisist and was offered a scholarship for The Victorian Institute of Sport for gymnastics. She was selected, top five out of 200 students to train with the 2000 Olympic Team where she qualified in Floor, Bar Beam and Vault. Jo-Hannah was selected to train mornings and nights to become a major team member in the Olympic Squad at the young age of 12 years old. Jo-Hannah was forced to choose between ballet and gymnastic, choosing ballet full time and remaining with her gymnastics part time. Jo-Hannah competed in Australian National competitions where she gained top awards.


Mike Snell
Musical Theatre, Broadway Jazz
Singing Lessons, Stage Presence and Confidence Building.
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